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2002-04-16 21:58:15 (UTC)


No ballet this week. Now I have so much time on my hands.
It's almost frusterating. Last time I had no ballet, I
taught myself how to write backwards in cursive and print.
Lord help me. The only prob about no ballet is that I don't
ride the bus. That means no Tippu!!! Tippu is the guy i
THINK i like. The prob wit me is that I only like guys for
two or three days.... grrr... i don't like that. But all
the guys in IB are either jerks or dorks. What else is new.
Update on the Paul and Rae thing. I told Rae today that I
can't help her. She's a little crushed, but I just can't do
it without leading him on and that will be yet another guy
that i gotta say no to. Mer Bear (Meredith) is in the worst
state today. She got her bio test grade back today and it
was a 45. She started crying. Since she's Asian, I KNOW
her mom's gonna kill her. Poor thing. O!!!! But i got a
90 on the bio test and a 78 on the economics test. Both
have improved immensly.
Thought of the day:
World Revolut

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