Life as I know it.
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2001-05-27 00:30:16 (UTC)

cant think of a title

Last night I decided to go out drinking with my friends,
instead of the boy i was going to go with...well stay in
and drinking. We just chilled on the balcony all night
listening to 80s music and we all decided to sing every
song Madonna ever created. Gotta love Madonna, very
empowering. Then the boy iw as going to go out with showed
up at 1:30am outside my apartment building and screamed up
and he and his two friends chilled with us for a bit...then
i got drug to afterhours, which i had fun...eventho i dont
dance and none of the guys there could understand why i
dont dance, i just dont, unless im really trashed or with
girls. So i got home a little after 5am and slept til
5pm. Twas nice. Right now im waiting for john to get
ready so we can go out...yeah surrounding myself with gay
men is always a fun time had by all...lol...i love gay men
they dont hurt you and they are always cool to chill with.
im trying to stay happy but i still miss matt, not to the
obsessive extent i did, but yeah i miss him a lot. Damn
him for invading my heart and making me fall in love with
him. Right now im exploring all my options...