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2002-04-16 21:06:36 (UTC)

yo yo yo

Yeah, it's been awhile since i updated this thing, so i'm
not going to talk about what happened since then. Right
now, i'm really bored and decided to write in here. Today
was okay. I got my hair cut last night and not too many
people like it, but i couldn't care less about what people
think about me. I think people like Rob and Martin and Ted
are going to show up at my house around 7 to watch Pete &
Pete again. That show rulez.
I'm excited for Friday, which is the Physics fundraiser
dance/show. There's going to be a DJ in the gym so the
popular people can go there, and then there's going to be
bands like ours playing in the auditorium. It will be our
first show and I think it will go well. Everybody should
come to see us and spread the news of our band so we can
create a group of followers. We've got 6 of our own songs
and one cover ready for it, so we'll cover about 30-40
minutes. We need to write some new songs. Each one we
write is better than the last, so that's good.

Yeah.. that's it for now.