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2002-04-16 21:00:03 (UTC)

oooh lalala

well today we had this mass where all the seniors in the
area go to church or whatever so it was a differenttyp of
day. there were a lot of hotguys there. well cathrine and
lu are are dating, maggie and jacie are dating and i feel
like i am left out in a way. it really bothers me that
cathy is with lu bc i was startin to be attracted to her.
but she is always tryin to get me to tel baco how i feel
but there is affection there and understanding and i never
thought that i could see that side of her. its strange. i
would tell her howi feel but she has luand i dont want to
mess things up and while e are friends, i dont think that
she would go for ne thing else. and maggie and jackie jus
gross me out lately. i can stand them as freinds and people
but lately they really give me the creeps bc they are both
so girly and so needy it is just not right to me. i am
attracted to grs that are more like guys. i think that 2
lipstick lesbians being together are gross to me. but hat
is just my preference, ive decided that when i have kids, i
am not sending them to all girls schools bc all of this
stuff is screwing up my life hehe