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2002-04-16 20:54:23 (UTC)

Erica, Adrian,,Justin


Well, since my lil "break" from writing a lot of stuff has
been going on between me and Erica. Our friendship has been
on the rocks just to fly back in the air again. Funny
really, I mean after all the fights we got into we are
still as close as we were if not closer. She still comes by
my house a lot and is always on the phone with me and
stuff. For a week or so we didn't really talk cuz I was
sooo pissed off at her for embarrassing me a few times, and
for what she did to Justin (I'll explain later). But hey,
were still buddies so that's all that matters right?


Omg, u wouldn't believe how sweet, cute, and thoughtful
Adrian is! When I went with him and Erica to the movies, I
brought them earring things for him like the ones I have.
The fake ones u can put anywhere u want. Anyway, he got
sick the next day and wasn't at school for a whole week. We
had Friday off and Thursday was a school dance. He came to
school that Thursday and I saw him as I was walking to my
first hour. I didn't say anything cuz he was talking to Mr.
Nelson and I kept walking. In my first hour we had a sub
so, I was sitting there waiting for our work to be passed
out and I felt sumone tap on my shoulder. I looked up and
it was Adrian!!! He handed me a letter and this cute
stuffed, raccoon (I named him Prince)!! I nearly cried, I
mean he was soo sick he could hardly walk and he came
upstairs to my class to give the stuff to me. Everyone in
my class was teasing me tho! Everyone all day long kept
asking me if me and him are going out, and all this other
stuff. Anywho... he got sent home right after that. He's
soo sweet and I'm really starting to like him!!!


Lets see... Adrian has came to my house twice so far.
Erica comes over as well. We just basically hang out at my
house for a lil bit then go walking or sumthing. We went to
the mall and the movies on 3-22-02. We saw this dumbass
movie called "The Time Machine." I didn't understand the
ending of it.
Erica also bothered Adrian a lot. She was acting like a lil kid or
sumthing. I think that's what made me feel left out cuz she was bein
all touchy feely!
But anywho, I felt so left out and yet I wasn't being left out. Does
that make any sense? It's like Erica got all the attention and shit.
So, after we walked around in the mall and we got picked up by my
mom; and she dropped them off... I started to cry. I just felt so bad
and shit but hey its all good, things get better right? At
least Adrian is starting to like me more hehe. Man, when
all three of us are together we are like crazy dude lol.


On, 3-23-02 Justin paged me saying that he was home and
wanted to come over. So, at around 2 or so Renee brought
him over. He played online for a lil bit and went with me
to meet up with Erica. Omg, see Erica is usually really
talkative and loud but as soon as she seen Justin she
wouldn't say anything lol, I haven't seen her that quiet
before. Anyway, everytime Justin went near her she took off
running lol. As soon as she got used to him tho, eh ... all
hell broke off. My mom had an idea for all of us to go to
the movies. We went and saw "Resident Evil" which may I add
is also a stupid movie. Anywho, Justin was throwing popcorn
at us and what does Erica do, she puts popcorn down his
shirt and pants, his shirt was white! Then after the movie
we went outside to wait for my mom, it was soo cold and we
stood out there for like ever freezing. Justin didn't have
a coat and I had a really light one so u know we were cold.
I was trying to get all close to him to keep myself warm,
see Erica was being a big baby and wouldn't go in. Since
Justin is so sweet he wouldn't leave her outside by
herself. She was crying cuz she fucked up both of his white
The rest of the night was total hell for Justin. Both him and Erica
stayed the night and she wouldn't leave him alone. She ended up
biting him, licking him, poking him, kicking him, pulled out his arm
hair, put bubble gum in his hair(tha next day), and a lot of other
stuff. She totally pissed me off. I had to get the gum out of his
hair and try to get the stains of out his shirts. Omg, I was soo
pissed off and so was he.
Erica's dad came by my house while I was at grams getting the gum
out of Justin's hair. She got in trouble cuz she didn't call home or
anything. She left without saying bye. Justin left 30 minutes later,
and boy did he wanna leave really badly. I can understand why tho! He
can't stand Erica at all!!
It took Erica about a week to say she was sorry but she did. Before
she did tho we wasn't really talking. See, at like 2 p.m. the day
Justin was over, me and her got into a big fight. She got pissed cuz
I told my mom she was going out with sum boy. So, Erica was going to
tell my mom bout me kissing Bobby and Alex and all this other shit.
She got me into some serious trouble. What hurt me more then anything
was letting myself cry in front of Justin and yelling at Erica in
front of him. But damn my mom went off on me. :( Erica and I made up
a lil bit later, but after the bubble gum thang I got pissed off at
her again. But, everything between me and her is okay now. :)


Omg, I'm actually done with that. I hope I didn't forget anything!!
I got to write about George now, so let me do that! :)

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