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2001-05-27 00:22:24 (UTC)

All About The Person I love

Dear Diary,
I really like this guy name Ray Murillo. I really want to
know him more. I like him, I mean I love him.I am happy
that I met you today. I will not forget this day but you
still haven't gont out with me and I really wish you can
and I know you want to go out with me to.I will always be
there for you and I hope you will always be there for me. I
just want someone who I can talk to about everything and
share something special with the person I love. I really
want nothing to happen between us. No matter what happens I
will always love you forever and ever. You will always be
in my heart.When your not near with me I will always think
of you because your the special person to me who I really
love and care and no one else and being in love with you is
a great feeling for me.