Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
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2001-05-26 23:50:05 (UTC)

Life for now is good

This is my second entry, and it is weird because I am not
used to doing this. O well. Anyway My sister and I were
just outside playing softball and then we went for a walk.
We saw these two hott guys! Maybe during the summer we can
get to know them!:)
Monday I have to March in the Memorial Day Parade and I
really do not want to. My arm gets sooooo tired holding that
thing. See i normally play the french horn but for marching
I play a melaphone (marching french horn) It is just like a
trumpet, but with a bigger belle. Plus we have to be in
FULL UNIFORM! AHHHH! Enough about that.
Let's see what shall I say..I can't wait to go to camp
this summer, it was fun last year and I know its going to be
even better with my Friend and Cousin. My cousin just went
with me last time. I also am gonna go to basketball camps,
so hopefully I will be able to get better at them.
Just a reminder, please if you read this I would like ANY
SORT of feedback, I don't care, just whatever.
I can't wait untill our softball games start because.. I
don't know it will give me something to do!
My favorite music group is *NSYNC, they rick. HAve you
heard there new song POP? It is really cool. I REALLY
Wanna be a singer when i am older. I am good at it and I
love to do it! O well, well I have got to go!!

Your Truly,

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