Mysterious Attitude
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2002-04-16 20:17:23 (UTC)

Tuesday April 16,2002

*Time: 3:00 p.m
*Wearing: navy blue T-shirt and navy pantz
*Jewelry: my nugget ring, my cross ring, my nugget cross
neckless, my nugget bracelet, my link bracelet, tha purple
glow in the dark bracelet Amanda sent me, my silver earring
with a white stud, and my green and silver bracelet that
says strength
* # of gold karats: 10 14 10 10 14 14= 72 Ks baby
*Hair: down with a black band holdin bangs back
*Listenin to: The radio
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Last Ate: a hamburger from Micky d's
*Last Drank: a can of pepsi
*Song of the day : All For You- Janet Jackson
*Weather: hot and sunny
*Talking to: no one
*Mood: tired/sick/happy/weird
*Thinking: Umm... when will I get this done? Eh.. I gotta
go to the bathroom! lol
*Later: homework, talk on the phone, and type of my new
poems and story
*Money Count: 0
*Last Said: I read "Last said" out-loud lol
*Watching: the computer screen
*Project: a report for social studies that was due yesterday
*Countdown: a lil over a week until Adrian's b-day!

Well, I didn't write bout yesterday, but its all good I
will lol it won't be in order. I still have a lot to write
about from all that time I didn't write. Anyway, I went to
school today, feeling sick as ever! When I woke up this
mourning my nose was bleeding and shit. So, I made it up to
4th hour and I went to the nurse cuz I couldn't handle it
anymore. I felt bad for leaving Adrian all alone tho lol.
He's sick also... I think we gave it to each other cuz we
both got worse since tha day me and him hung out on Sunday
wit Erica.(I'll write about all that in a lil bit)
My mom picked me up and took me to the doctor. Hehe my
hottt sexy doctor! He gave me a shot and sum medicine to
take! I should be gettin better soon. I hope I get my voice
back ASAP cuz right now it sounds like a mouse lol.
My blood pressure was a lil high probably cuz of my weight
(I'm 258) Eh ... so it looks like I gotta go on a diet
soon. It's all good tho cuz I wanna do that anyway!! That's
also why I got headaches and stuff 2, I think.
Well, that's about all for now so let me go write about
past days lol. Buh bye 4 now

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