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Trixies in the Wind
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2002-04-16 19:19:13 (UTC)

Icky school food

'Im sinking slowly, so hurry hold me! Your hand is all I
have to keep me hanging on...'

That stuff tends to make you sick. Lol. And yet I still
eat it. *shrugs*

I have a doctors appointment today. To see my
chiropracter. Yay! My back hurts like a beast. :-P

I kinda feel like everything is starting to end now, with
drill over and all. The end of the year is almost here...
only a few more months and Im a senior... I dont wanna grow
up. Im scared. And I think Im going to try and apply to
Westpoint. I know, thats insane and totally out of my
league, but its worth a try. Besides, If i dont make it
there, Ill go to Nazareth or Buffalo. Or maybe FSU...

Enough about that.

'Im grasping at straws, thinking back to what I saw that
night on the floor when we were all alone...'

I wonder what he did see... *ponders* You never ever know
with mark hoppus. *shudders slightly*

I miss my friends. I never talk to my huggles or my mary
and more, and I hardly talk to my matt either. Its massive
insanity. Lets beat it up. Sound like a plan?

Im nervous about this whole band thing. I dont think Im
good enough. I cant play solos... well, maybe if I
practiced I could... but it takes alot to get me to
practice. I should right now, just like I should be doing
my homework, but I have from like, 6-9 to do all that.
Lol. Ill practice later. I pick up quick... bass or
guitar. Its kinda cool to see how much Ive progressed.
Granted, I suck at solos, but I can play chords great and I
can keep rhythm, so its all good.

*sighs alittle*

Lol. I hope mom doesnt look in my yearbook. Greg signed
it, 'have a nice summer maybe we can get drunk sometime'
and luke put under it 'or high'. Lol. Im a good kid. I
dont do that stuff. Lol.

Okay, I have nothing more to say. Ill see yaz later.

Matt, I love you, and I loves you mary and huggles.
You too Val. ;)


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