The Daily Babble
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2002-04-16 17:58:47 (UTC)

Not Much Going On...

Well things have been kind of slow recently...I'm just
totally overworked with all my projects at school and
whatnot..I SO want to go back to Hawaii! I haven't talked
to the guy who told me that he likes me...I'm kind of
scared to and I don't know if its worth it....

Other than that, things with me and Jeff are going
great...last Friday we both took the day off and spent some
time together...we got his car fixed, went shopping, went
to the movies [we went to see American Chai--very good
movie!!] and went to see the lights at the WTC but they
wouldn't let us in to Liberty State Park! Argh. So we
just went home. And today he got an email about the
fraternity semi-formal which is in a few weeks so that's
pretty exciting. I love going to those, I always have such
a good time. =-)

I sent Jill a card with some old pictures of us that I
never gave her the doubles to...but I'm pretty upset
because I told her about the whole cyst in my brain thing,
and she hasn't bothered to check up and see if I'm ok...I
mean she doesn't have to contact me but she hasn't even
asked Christine or Cathlin..makes me think that if --god
forbid--I wasn't ok, and something serious was happening to
me, would she even care?? Probably not. That's really
frustrating....And really sad.

I've been hanging out with Cathlin alot too cuz she's just
going through a rough time with her boyfriend...she was
supposed to come over last night but I never heard from
her! So I don't know......

But I guess that's all....