The Black Hole
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2001-05-26 21:53:06 (UTC)

Prom Disaster

Well My dad just left the room so heres another story.

Dear Diary,

I like Jake so much that he is all I ever think about.
EVER. SInce my mom is the Junior class advisor I got to
pick 4 girls and 5 guys to help set up and take tickets and
stuff. Prom was at the BAget(a car ferry) It actully went
on a mini cruse and my friends and I actully got to take
part in everything.

So Curtis, JAKE,Kyle,Brian, and ShaneAND Me,
Jamie,Melissa,Mary, and Abby and I went outn to dinner ant
Big Boy! He He EH ANyway 3 out of the 5 guys spilled there
chocolet shakes on themseles! It was very funny. Us girls
had to leave first. We had to be at the boat by 7 where as
the guys had to be there at 7:30. We got into my moms van
and drove off. Half way there Jamie realized that we forgot
to leave a tip! We all started freaking out. So when we
got to the boat we asked the guys if they left one and Brian
was the only one! EKK We all felt like such asses! So OUr
prom Journey begins.

ALl of our dresses were wrinkled from riding in the car for
a 1/2 hour. That really sucked! SO we go and take balloons
onto the boat then come to the boarding area and decide to
take tikets. We needed 4 couples taking tickits 2 on each
side and one couple to tak king and queen ballots. Melissa
wanted to do the ballots and says...

" who wants to take ballots with me?" ANd it needed to be a
guys so the only one that I REALLY cared (which would be
jake) says that he wants to do it. So I manage to get
MElissa to swich with me. Jake and I alne at Last !!
ANyways we sit down adn the first thing out of his mouth
is...I thought Melissa was doing this. I played it cool and
said that she changed her mind. I got really mad and left.
So I went and complained to Melissa who is my best friend.
I whined how the only guy I really liked was JAke and that
he liked her. SH told me she hated him and do on. I told
her that if she likes him to go for it but she assured me
she did'nt and that he also did;nt like her. I took the
little thing WAY to far that he said so I decided to forget
about it.

Dancing we are all fooling around and haveing a good time.
Then the Worst thing happened! Brian goes over to CUrtis
and says "Curtis lets go help Jake find hi women." My heart
dropped to the floor. I was having to much fun to notice
that Jake was not there. SO I tried to listen in some more
but I could'nt hear. Curtis and Brian walk off. The entire
night I barley ever saw him. The last slow song I danced
woth Brian and Melissa danced with Curtis. It was alot of

When we were tareing down everything I overhead Jake telling
Brian that his woman shafted him. Brian told him to chase
after him. ..WAIT A MINUTE HERE. We are not
actuall at the PRom we are helpers...All the chicks there
have of coarse he would be shafted. Jake makes
me so made. WHen we got into the van Is tarted crying. My
perfect night didn't turn out so well.

Yesturday during school...Jake and I talked tons we made fun
of each other and I flirted really bad. It was the seniors
last day and his brother was leaving. I was crying and JAke
laughed at me and I sort of yelled..."What about your
brother JAke...He leaving." He looked at me gave me a great
big bear hug...then looked at me and kissed me!! Darn the
kiss did'nt happen but the hug did. It was brief but it was
a hug and a new beginning. He looked at me and walked away.
Geez...WHy do guys have to be so confusing! Bye for