Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
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2001-05-26 21:18:50 (UTC)

The Me

Dear Diary,
Hello. I am 13 years and I want to tell you about me. I
want to tell you about my life. Some you may be able to
relate to, some you might not. Here I go!
I am a very typical young girl, but not in a way you may
think. I love to play all sports, and am good ay most of
them. This year i have participated the school sports of
basketball, vollyball, softball, and track. I have also
been in the school play, am on student counsil, and did some
I have one real sister and she is almost 16. It's scary!
She will be able to drive, AHHHHH!! She is real boy crazy..
you'll never know which boy she will like each different
day. Where as me, I am not sure which guy i like right now.
Thoe it is kinda sad, i have a crush on a senior. He is
sooo hott and cute, but yet his last day of school was
Friday. :(
MY mom and dad are divorced and my dad had gotten
re-married to the devil! She is the meanest ever! So that
means I have two step sister 13 and 16 also. They are okay
but they are totally spoiled and lazy! Gosh sometimes I
wish I could whip them into shape.
Anyway I am running out of thing to say for now, but stay
tuned to hear more of my life some other time.