The Black Hole
2001-05-26 21:13:20 (UTC)

Boys Boys Boys

Dear Diary,

Huh! Thsi is really weird I stll can't bealive I am writing
in a diary. Being the nearly 16 yr old I am my horomones
are whack and I am GUY crazy!

I think every guy I see is Hot or some stupid thing like
that. I have a top 10 list taped to the bottem of my bed.
2.Brian(grr i hate him)
4.lil pete(ties with # 5)
6.CAle(i'm not sure)
9.Curtis...hes just nice. I've NEVER been attracted to him in anyway

I none are seniors. Now about 1/3 of this list graduates the SUnday and I have
been crying my eyes out for the past 2 days. I have intrest
in all of them for one reason or the other but mostly it is
they have intrest in me. FOr the person I am. But number
one on my list(Jake) has been there for 2 years now. Its
everything. His eyes, the way he walks, but I think the
best thing is is humor and his attitude. I Never try to
judge a guy by there looks becasue I don;t want to be judeg
that way but he has a very unique look. He HOTT with 2 t's.
I have a bullitin board dedicated to him.