a little piece of me
2002-04-16 16:06:28 (UTC)

initiation, tonight, babies..

alright, the initiation last night was really corny. i
realized, though, that i am, without a single doubt, a nerd
lol. our coat of arms has acorns, fish, birds, and a snake
on it. we had to pledge our dedication to science and to
continuing research. so corny, but kinda cool i guess.
the whole thing took about 15 minutes. we were invited out
to pizza to celebrate after, but my mom took me to diamond
dave's instead. i love that place hehe.

i've been popping popcorn like a madwoman lately. i filled
up 3 garbage bags, plus still have a couple more bags to
pop. i ran out of oil, though, so i can't finish until i
get back from class. jessie is going to die! elizabeth is
also going to pop some. good thing she drives a fuckin
boat...otherwise she'd never be able to fit all the popcorn
in her own car. jessie is still going to the gallery with
me. i have to keep her there for at least an hour. then
we're going to pick up sonny goat (elizabeth) and go to
rocky's for dinner. then, jessie is going to see what we
did when i take her to drop her off. i'm so excited! i
ended up getting her 22 presents...mostly toys and goofy
stuff, but i know she'll like it. she's gonna kick my ass,
though hehe.

i checked in on the babies, and i saw three today. either
the other hasn't hatched yet, or daddy was sitting on the
fourth. they're so cute! all of them there with their
little mouths open. i got a book on them yesterday, and it
said the babies won't be audible for 3 or 4 days...i can't
wait to hear them! they are soooo small. they're about
the size of my ring finger's fingernail. not very big,
lemme tell ya. in under 3 weeks, they'll be ready to leave
the nest. that's not long at all.

talked to turtle last night. :) still planning on going
to see him. it's going to be such a long drive. ugh. but
that's ok. he's worth every second. i can't wait to see
him. then i can finally tell my parents we're moving in
together. that's not going to go over well, but i really
don't care. what can they do? they can bitch at me, but
oh well. not like they've never done that before. he is
so good to me. love him to death. only 2 more days to

well, i have to get some stuff done for class. have a
great day everyone.