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2002-04-16 15:42:52 (UTC)

back on track

so yea i quit track for like two weeks and then ann
persuaded me to come back. i felt fat and lazy anyway. last
night i went to andrew's, i was spose to pick up su but i
guess he didn't really want her there. he was being super
nice to me; i wondered until i found out he had ulterior
motives. we watched "belly" and drank "SoCo", then he
decided to measure his dick and play some stupid strip card
game. of course we both got naked(yea, i lost) that's when
he began to explain to me how much he wanted to fuck me
even though he's w/ maria. he said he really just wanted to
do it once w/ someone else except her(because their going
to get married), ya know just to see what it was like. i
held back for a few minutes so he could beg, i mean maria's
my friend and i really wanted him to think about what he
was doing and the repercussions. so then we did it; he came
in like 5 minutes. he was happy and i was glad to help a
friend out. damn! i can never tell jon this. weren't not
together or anything, but he would kill me. who says girls
can't have sex w/out any emotional attachment anyway?