My Life
2001-05-26 20:32:30 (UTC)

Its Hot!

Whats up?It's my second day to have this online journal
thingy.yea yea.So lets see I stayed up late last night til
almost 2,working on my site.Boring life which made
me slepe in til 11-if it wasnt for my sweet sister waking
me up.Telling me 'mommies gonna be home in 30 mins'.And I
mean I look like crap,and find out I had to go to a
wedding. Which by the way-I didnt even end up going to.So
my mom gets home and like 30 mins later is gone to a
wedding with my younger sister,so its me and my other
sister at home for awhile.So like we just got a deck built
the other week-and of course are enjoying the heck outta of
it-:). And we look out side and the kittens and the cats
are all piled up sleeping on it together-awww-.Man its like
94 degrees today-outside-and its not even June yet-summer
JUST started! Its gonna be sizzling this summer-agh cant
wait *rolles eyes*.So ive been cleaning house for mom-while
shes gone-my mom is like a clean freak ok-but im taking a
break now-:D.Hopefully tonigth when my dad gets home we go
out to a movie-I wanna see Pearl Habor-well duh cuz Benn
Affleck is in it and so is that Hot Josh Harrett guy.I also
wanna see A Knights Tale-cuz hehe Heather Leadger is hot!