inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-05-26 20:29:47 (UTC)

i am SO goth my black is blacker than anyone's black, and i call it "blackblack"

i got a reminder thingy saying i havent updated this thing
since ../../.. i forget when it was. oh wait, i could've
put the year in there.... so wat year is it... aint we in
the 80s still?

well marvin's @ work and he wont get back till 8pm, so i
got lots o' time 2 myself. and of course, there are things
2 b done, but u can bet yer balls (his saying) that i'll
spend the whole thing online, whether i want 2 or not =P
yay fer net addiction.

im sleepy. i didnt go to bed until the sky turned like,
skyblue this morning, and then i got up too early and wasnt
able to go bak to sleep. this happens a lot... i spend the
whole day feeling fatigued. and i can never seem 2 sleep
in the middle o' the day, no matter how little sleep i got
the nite before. u'd think i'd learn from that n quit
going to bed @ all hours o' the morning. ~_~

i've got letters to write; to aileen, vannessa, candy,
elisa... how'd i get so behind? *cough*netaddiction*cough*
i really gotta get off this computer. but u kno wat, i
dont want to, even tho i *know* it's the reason i never get
n e thing done, including eating and sleeping *.* i love
this computer way too much, and the internet, n all the ppl
i met and know online, and the egroups, and bla bla bla all
o' that, yes i kno im a nerd. im not gonna deny it, cuz
y'only live once, so if it makes ya happy....

i was gettin deja vu as i wrote that. is this wat i was
talkin about in my 1st entry? *sighs* probably was. well,
i dont really have n e thing else immediate 2 talk about
rite now. unless it's important that we bought a chess
board. i love chess even tho i suck @ it. and halfway
thru the game i get bored and start making the pieces talk
to each other.

but it's a very nice chessboard, glass, with blue and white
glass pieces. thank god for VISA.

peace, love, and nonconformity.


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