i hate guys
2001-05-26 19:43:21 (UTC)

hey i just started this so i..

hey i just started this so i really dont know wat im doing
but thats ok. anyways i guess i will start by saying that
my mom died of cancer like 2 years ago and i miss her alot.
i have a stepbro and were real close but he lives in ohio
with my stepdad and i live with my real dad in illinios.
yeah my life was pretty screwed up for awhile and it seems
like it still is. im 15 and ive made alot of new friend
sand thier great but my best friend for awhile was cutting
herself and when she was depressed so was i when she was
and then one day she did it real bad and i told the
guidance counselor and i was so afraid she would be mad at
me. she then had to stay in the hospital for a week and i
knew that she didnt need that cuz she isnt like crazy or
anything and i was upset and felt so guilty that i told but
i know its better cuz now shell be ok and i luv her soo
much and if anything happened to her i dont know wat i
would do. but anyways shes coming back today and coming to
my house and i cant wait to see her!ill finish later k g2g
right back!