Evil Elvis
2002-04-16 08:13:49 (UTC)

Down with the sickness!!

I'm ill :(

Got a cold, and feel all bunged up, but can't blow my nose
cos it's broken and still too fucking sore!!! Waaaaaaah!

Still, on the positive side.....I am totally in love :D
Been seeing Jackie for a few weeks now, and she is so
amazing....like if someone asked me to describe my perfect
girlfriend, it would be soooooo very close to her. She's
intelligent, funny, damn sexy and basically just a totally
cool person....in love after 3 weeks?!?!?!
erm...probably...yeah think so :)

Ah well, off to try and look busy....actually that's a lie,
it would appear that no-one else is in today so high work-
rate is distinctly unlikely.