My Thoughts and Feelings
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2001-05-26 19:05:09 (UTC)

Mi Vida Loca

Well, a few things have happened since the last time I
wrote. Brandon and I had a disagreement and he gave me the
silent treatment for a whole day. Why? I told him that I
was interested in another guy. He was upset and felt he
was being replaced. I could not believe he got mad! At
least it shows me he cares. He even apoligized to me
first. He told me how he really felt and how he hoped that
things will not change. I hope they don't either. He
gives me a reason to get up in the morning and he listens
to what I say and seems concerned. I'm so thankful that
he's there. I have really started to miss my family
lately. I want nothing more than to sit and have luch with
my mother. Let her play with her grandchild, and just
talk. It's been almost a year since I have spoken to her.
It's time for me to write a note and start communicating
with her. I miss my father, who died last summer from
cancer. I only wish I knew what his last thoughts of me
were. I know that I was a huge disappointment to him while
he was alive in his last days. I didn't even get to attend
his funeral, something that I will always live to regret.
I have so many other thoughts I could write, but not enough
time to write them. I've got to go. Until next time......