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2002-04-16 06:35:44 (UTC)

soo tired

isaac came home from work yesterday. he came in the house
smiling and floating. i asked why he was in such a good
mood. i he said simply "i figured it out." curious, i
asked what. "what i'm doing with my life." he went on to
tell me that he's quitting his job and going back to
school. and that we're getting married and get with his PARENTS! i burst out laughing. i
know that it wasn't the nicest thing to do, but that's how
i felt. i know that it would never work out. he just irks
me soo bad. i think he's terribly selfish. i can't stand
it. it makes me want to scream.

well, i'm still not getting any sleep. i started keeping a
sleep journal to try to help me figure out *something*. i
went to bed last night at 2am. (which was pretty good
considering that i'm usually up until at least 7am.) but
then the alarm went off at 4:30. so i was wide awake. i
ended up staying up till around 9 and then slept till 3
something in the afternoon. i have to get over this or i'm
going to go crazy.

not much else going on. we're supposed to be going to
cedar point with R and his girlfriend sometime next month.
that's good i guess. i think i just have mixed feelings
about his girl being there. *sigh* oh well, i'll just
have to get over it. ~~~

~V stardust

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