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This is Reality?
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2001-05-26 18:51:26 (UTC)

Spring Cleaning

This morning I couldn't bring myself to roll out of bed. I
tried to saty in as long as i oculd, hoping that my
troubkesome brothers would eventually tire of throwing
paper scraps, drops of water, and old pastic toys at me in
an attempt to get me up.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Eventually, I did rouse myself form bed, and made it to the
bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

I failed to remember that today, everyone was going to work
on cleanign the hosue. DAMN!

I've spent hte last three hours cleaning my room. How fun.
I started with picking up all the large, obvious peices of
trash, then moved all the clothes to my bed. Some are
dirty, some clean.

I moved to the closet, cleanign out my two large file
cabinets so that I can take them out, and move them back
into the room and put my tv on the so that I can move my
computer (and the desk) downstairs.Now, if I could only
deal with that large pile of papers at the foot of my VCR.

What a way to spend Memorial Day Weekend, in the peak of
tourist seaosn.

I sit in my uncomfortable chair, looking out my window down
at the street, watching beachgoers from out of town wonder
furritively if the rain will hold off long enough for them
to enjoy the "surf" and sand. It's all I can do not to
laugh at them, with the way the norhterly wind blows right
into my bedroom through the open widnow. If the rain
doesn't drive them back to their hotel rooms and rental
cars, the wind on the beach certainly will.

I know that I ought to stop writing and get back to the
task at hand, but I cna't bring myself to become committed
to a project that I never wanted to start in the first
place. I don't need to clean my room to move a computer and
the desk downstairs! I'm going ot hjave to rearrange
everything anyhow to get the desk out of the room, so I
really don't see what the big deal is. If it were up to me,
I'd spend the whole day in bed reading and sleeping.

Unfortunately, I am on a roller coaster that I cannot stop.
My immdiate future has been predetermined by toerhs, and I
am helpless as to when (and if) it stopps or slows down in
the least.