still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2002-04-16 05:53:32 (UTC)


Well My live in (Jason)has decided after another argument
today.Don't even want to discuss what it was about because
I'm sure it was pointless.Anyway..he's gonna move out
tomorrw.I've wanted this all along but in hopes that we
could work things out if we lived apart. Well he is going
to cut off all ties apparently. I got myself into this
mess.He probably never even gave a shit,,,and I'm probably
better off anyways.But I am drunk right now so if I don't
make any ssense I apologize.I will miss him deeply but
it's probably because I'm just so used to him .I want toi
get upset and cry my eyes out but what good would that do.
Shit happens and in this case I really do think that it
happens(happened) for a reason. I tried my best but ended
up someone I didn't even like let alone a member of the
opposite sex. I need to be single again. It will do me goo
but it still hurts.So I might be wtiting in here a lot
after he leaves since I'm so used to being "With "him
24/7. Anyway thank you everyone for the nice feedback and
also to Geo(you know who you are)I have a new email'll have to write me here to get it. I really
don't want to make myself non-anonymous to everyone
God Bless,

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