My Life.............
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2002-04-16 05:13:15 (UTC)

my date.:/

well, i went out on a date tonight, it wasnt exactly what i
hoped for, he took me to a bar, then we went to coldstream,
i wanted to hear the water running, and just sit and talk,
unfortunately it didnt turn out that way, he was all over
me.:( then we went to my sisters house to watch movies....
then he talked me into letting him bring me home, and of
course i was afraid cause of Roy, so, i told him he could
drop me off at the corner, halfway there he decided to go to
his house to get his mothers car, i told him i could walk
the rest of the way, he said no, and he went into get his
mothers keys, i could hear them argueing, and he came out
got into her car, i wouldnt get in cause i didnt want his
mother yelling anymore, he yelled at me, i took off walking
home, he followed in the car, told me to get in, and i told
him to leave me alone and he took off, i walked the rest of
the way home.....
i found out who he really is up at my sisters house, i
about died when i found out, i used to be in love with him
in school!!! he treated me like crap back then.:( i kept
asking him if he remembered things, of course he said no, i
guess the alcohol affected his brain, the pooor guy is a
drunk, and he looks so much older than 35, i actually feel
sorry for him......
who would of thought, after all these years i would be with
someone who i worshipped in school???LOL man, im glad i
didnt get my wish back then, i would have been miserable my
whole life!!!! he was so cute, and so tough, but, now,
people push him around and hes not as good looking, and of
course i cant forget hes a drunk, what a waste.:( :( :( :(