Nick's Journal
2002-04-16 04:47:49 (UTC)

Yummy down on this

I've come to a harrowing conclusion! Just about everybody
that spouts their goddamn fucking opinion is a god damn
fucking moron! Shocked? Yeah so am i. Let's take
music. I can't help but listen to Bob Seger and Dobie
Gray's songs and they make me feel sad about the demise of
good music. I mean come the fuck on.....Ja Rule?
What fucking dumbshit marketing ploy gave birth to that
Backstreet boys......Britney Spears.
Yeah ok, i stop bitching, but come on people, if we could
just get Rob Zombie to brutally rape Britney Spears on
public t.v. i'd be willing to compromise.
Politics. the soft money campaign. mccain's the shit,
and those fucks over there don't want to give it up.
grrrrrrr. oh, yeah hey let's fucking dig up the god damn
alaskan refugee. now....don't get me wrong, i don't give
a flying fuck about the environment. shit if i could i'd
take all the hairspray and let it lose, while burning down
forests left and right. the caribou up there? fuck them,
i'll dig that oil and put one of those mother fuckers in a
head lock and punch it in the face while i'm at it.
so why am i bitching about bush's "brilliant" decision?
because it's fucking stupid!!! i'm stupid and so is he.
don't get me wrong. that man is awesoem when it comes to
carrying his nuts around. you know what?
fuck that.
i'm gonna be positive.
you know what's sweet? that when rumsfeld goes up there
to talk to the fucking liberal press he has to have a guy
bring his nuts in a wheelbarrow behind him because they're
so fucking big. he doesnt' give a fuck about their shit.
detainees? fuck em' they deserve it. he holds fast to
his views and does'nt take shit from the skeptics.
powell, now there's another sweet mother fucker.
once again. he traveled to the middle east on two planes.
one plane took him
the other took his nuts.
he's over there dealing with shit that i would handle with
three very smartly placed A-bombs. he takes the shit and
talks to a dumbfuck like arafat. he's the guy that goes
into the kindergarten and breaks up a fight between two 6
yr. olds, cos that's what those two dumbfucks are.
sharon's no better. but look at us.....ok take this.
all the other nations are like ......ewwwwwww, the u.s.
thinks they have to protect the world.
no fucking shit.
we're the only ones with our heads on straight. if the
rest of the world weren't such fucking dumbasses we
wouldn't have to be the kindergarden teacher to the world
of kindergardners. all of you all. dumbshits. so that's
why we rock. period.
and bush rocks because you are who you surround yourself
with. dick cheney? that guys in the hospital not because
of heart conditions but because his balls are too big to
carry around anymore.
all this ball talk. i swear, don't like my opinion?
yummy down on this. there are so many fucking retards
(one of the many is the dumbass jesus-nazi that tried to
make spike lee look stupid), well that's a diff. story.
bottom line.
we live in such a kickass country we can worry about
recycled paper and our computer monitors fucking up and
flickering (like mine) instead of worrying about our next
meal. so the next time you're so quick to bitch about
shit, look at what you have, before you make ANYONE yummy
down on your opinion.