lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-16 04:33:03 (UTC)

kill the beast

umm yeah i got a call from meghan tonight. oh wait.
actually like 13. haha. well, the first time she called,
i was walking around downstairs and all of a sudden, two
faces appeared at the window and started banging and
yelling and ringing the doorbell. umm yeah. marisa & joe
came over.

it was really pretty, and that's all that really happened
today that was noteworthy. we kicked it outside and marisa
was waaaaay hyped on caffeine and the boys were being boys,
so once again, i was the only sane one. haha
relativity...glad it's not the truth, baby. whoa.

oh yeah...and today alec & i talked about wanting to go
back to cam...and right now my parents are figuring out the
budget--i have this little hope that they'll say, "sorry,
NO way we could afford for you both to go there" and then
hmmm too bad, i will go back to public school. whaddya
say? sounds fun to me!