ramblings of a madwoman
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2002-04-16 04:15:51 (UTC)

mmmmm endorphins

just got back from le gym, did a huge amount of
cardiovascular stuff seeing as my back is still too fekked
up to handle upper body weights. i'm all warm and content
now. this is a lesson for you, boys and girls... a healthy
regimen of excercise coupled with very long periods of
laziness will keep you in the same shape as you are at this

so yeah... i haven't done a whole lot of stuff lately...
except... ooooh right!

i saw incubus (and hoobastank!) in seattle on april 12.
they rox0red. the setlist was long, the crowd was hyped and
brandon boyd was sexalicious. hey, i'm allowed to look,
aren't i? :)

anyway, i really don't have anything else to say. umm...
happy birthday to *steena* tommorow, she's 18.
to the people that read this on a regular basis... stop
stalking me! (hides behind curtain) actually don't. i like
when the hitcounter on my website goes up.

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