2002-04-16 04:12:45 (UTC)

no subject

There's this girl that i know since about 10th grade. I'm
a senior and i met her as a freshman. She's a good friends
of mine. and people say that she has liked me for the
longest. I always thought she was cute. People are
attracted to strange people...aka me and holly... You just
find certain people attractive. This girl now, Erica, is
really fun to hang out with. I took her to see Dezeray's
Hammer one night and i had a blast hanging out with her.
Since we had never really done that we just me and her by
ourselves. Now im starting to like her alittle bit. I
don't really want to tell anyone b.c Im stubborn and afraid
of the stupid comments that they will make about it. but
Well now it doesn't matter b.c i graduate in 37 days. I
could just go out with her for then and not worry about the
summer? I could.

Then theres the girl im suppose to marry. She lives
in New jersey. My best friend, Actually introduce us. and
me and Jersey** still talk and write. but It's 700 miles.
I never see her. But we not goign out It would just
feel weird if i started a relationship with someone here in
shitburg and still have Jersey** in my mind. I dunno. Ill
always like my jersey girl, and think that we really will
part once we go to college and get out into the real
which kinda makes me sad but Thats life. I just wish i
had a girlfriend. I havn't had one in a while. i miss
not having one. I miss the feeling that someone actually
wants to be with you. but anyway ill go back to
watching my movie. Enjoy the week.