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2002-04-16 03:36:33 (UTC)


Today has been one big nightmare. I got another
computer yesterday and hooked it up. I have a hub and
a switch so I can have both computers running at once.
I have win 98 on my comp and the new one has xp.
Anyway I had a heck of a time getting both to be on the
internet. Finally after simply moving cables around in
rotation I got things to work.

Today I decided to uninstall a couple programs I don't
ever use and that don't really work due to missing files.
In the process it deleted a couple of dll files that I do

This made everything else today frustrating. I was
supposed to have a copy of my friend's poster printed
out by 5 or so for her. I wanted to do it on the newer
printer which I aquired from my Father. I hooked it up
and it won't work. It says there is an error inbetween
the comp and the printer.

The reason I was printing at home is because I could
not get the font to work here in the pc lab.

I went back to my original printer the 400 (the newer
one is a 660). That did not work either. It keeps
thinking that it is out of paper. I tried turning it off,
unplugging it and restarting my comp, none of which

I got so fed up with it I wanted to cry. At the same time I
was working on my homework for this class. I was not
able to finish the homework. I did manage to do about
half of it or so.

Oh well, that's life.

As for the poster I brought her here to the lab and we
chose a different font for her to use and printed out.
Luck was once again not on our side because almost
all the way through the good final print the printer ran
out of ink. We did get lucky that the SA had another
black cartridge. It sounded like he might not have any
of the other colors (CMY).

Right now I am waiting for my prof to talk to me about
my project. We turned in an abstract last week and he
is going to tell us if our ideas are good or full of shit.

I hope he at least likes the premise of my idea. I
proposed to do a book about flower people. Using
images of flowers and putting people in among them. I
might try to make it a flash document and then add
some music in the background.

I have a song that I have played many a time and just
love so if I get ambitious I can record the flute, right
hand and left hand parts and put them together. I can't
seem to get the right and left hand bit together on the
piano. That was about the time I quit taking lessons.

Tomorrow I need to have some images for Computer
Art. I have an idea for my binary thingie. I was thinking
of things that provide light verses things that take light
away. Like a lamp vs a curtain.

We will see if she likes that idea or not. I hope she
does. It sounds like a fun enough project.

Right now I am in the process of taking all the files off of
my computer and putting them on the new one. Then I
can take all the programs off mine and start from
scratch only adding some programs back onto it. That
way I don't have a bunch of junk that I don't really need.
I know there is a bunch of that on there now.

This new comp has a CDR-W drive so I can burn the
mp3s that I have had sitting on my comp for a couple
years on to cd finally. I have been meaning to ask my
parents for their old CDR-W drive, but haven't done it
yet. I don't think I will ever do that now. Dad says he will
put their old comp down in the now office.

I need to remember to bring some CDRs to class since
I have a ton of them at home now. John is so great for
lending me all this stuff. I hope and pray that things
never go south for us. I love him so much. When he
said he could hook me up with the new comp and it
would be networked to the one I have I had no idea that
it would be as complex as it is. Also I thought that only
one would be on the net. As it is I can surf on both
computers at the same time. It would really be at the
sametime if I had two monitors hooked up.

Technology has been a blessing in so many ways and
a pain in the butt in many others.

Oh, I didn't think to mention that the reason I was
installing the newer printer on the old comp is because
the driver isn't xp compatible (sp?)

Now I have to find the second of the two dll files that I
am missing. I found the first one no problem, but the
second is a system dll file so I have to dig through
some stuff on the win 98 cd.

I just talked with my prof and he liked my idea. He said
it sounded like a good idea if it was done well. Now I
just need to devote my time to working on it.

Oh, on a super note Dave and John are coming over on
Friday. They both took the day off of work. Dave had
said he thought about doing that and then John called
and said he was coming too.

I am glad that John is coming too because I don't do
well holding a conversation with Dave. It's not that we
can't talk or communicate, it's just that I don't know him
well enough to know what to talk about.

We will see how things go and I'll probably write up the
events afterwards. I need to remember to tell John that
I am going to a recital on Saturday at 5 for my friend. I
should have asked her if it was cool that my boyfriend
joins the reception afterwards at her apartment. He
won't know anyone there, but let's just say it's a kind of
payback for Canada where I didn't know anyone.

He probably won't mind going so it's all good.