Teenage Politics
2002-04-16 03:24:53 (UTC)

Just another Monday

Today was not much more than ordinary. Except for the fact
that Im dating a total hottie (Timmy) :):). He's so cute!
When I got to school he wasnt there yet, so I was like hmm
where he be? Then 2nd period...woo I was pissed. Coach
Kelley tried to give me zeros for some work I missed when I
was absent Thursday and Friday, so I went to the office to
straighten it out. He's such a gay ass! I hate him! Mr.
Loesch was totally cool about it. Then I got to see my
Timmy at break. :):) 3rd period sucked. But I heard about
Pruitt's little egg cooking rendezvous in the american
legion that caused him a day in juvi. Dumbass. Ugh! The rest of the
day was
just like blah! Timmy hasnt called or anything which is
unusual.:( Im sad. O well. Im kinda sparatic right now cus
Im hurrying. I just dont want another nag-mail from this
site telling me to update my diary. Ya dig? Im outtie