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2002-04-16 02:46:59 (UTC)

Not enough sleep last night

Monday, April 15, 2002
Feeling: leg hurts,cold
Song Playin: Master P - Ooohhhwee

Mah weekend was aiite.Aint all dat bad.Party at cuzin's
house saturday and family get together on Saturday.Jes spent
time with families instead of frendz dis weekend.N E wayz, it suxs 2 b back at skool.But its good 2 b back
w/Roy though!Instead of playin softball fer p.e, we all did
jump ropes in the dance room.Bored and it suxs!!I went 2 da
auditorium for some kind of voting speech fer nex year with
mah 2nd period class.Then we went back 2 class and Mr.Watson
handed back da test 4rm Friday and...I failed it!!OMG..only
5 points 4rm a passing grade.My score is a 55.Dang, and I
was confident the whole time too.Shitt!,Im definately gunna
have 2 retake dis test rite away.Welps,in 3rd period,I went
2 da auditorium again(same reason) but it was onlee 20
minutes long.At lunch,people b cutting in line and
pushing.And the upper classmens think dat they can jes cut
and shit.They're all telling mah frend 2 move out of da way
wen they're lyke behind us and shitt.But no 1 tried 2 cut me
though,cuz if they did..imma b really pissed.But n e ways 2
make it easier 4 me,I c Brittney up dere, so I told her 2
buy me a bag of hot cheeto and a pepsi.It is cold as Hell
today!!We got a new student in spanish class.I felt lyke
dishin Mrs.Gonzales class cuz its so freakin boring.But we
got 2 watch 'ATLANTIS' so it kept me goin.Mah thong kept
riddin up today,I had 2 kept pulling mah shirt down, but den
at da end of da period im lyke heck who cares.Ooohhhweeeee!!