Product of a Broken Home
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2002-04-16 02:19:45 (UTC)

astounding lack of trust

stupid bastard of a family.

first they yelled at me for letting aaron give me a back
massage. i can almost see the logic behind that, almost.

then they yell at me for wanting to go to annettes, and for
having aaron over.

then they accuse me of doing pot. claiming they found pot
baggies in my jeans. which isn't bloody likely since i
don't ever buy my own stuff, or ever bring it home, or do
it at home. they refuse to believe i don't do it.

and now my grandmother's going to search my room, and argh!

plus my brother stole my bus pass, and once again, no one
believes me. but honestly, what elase could have happened?
bus passes do not just fall out of wallets. and really,
what other explanation is there?

so now i have to find a way to pay for the bus for the rest
of the month, and i don't have much money, and just argh.
life sucks.

and i can't handle living somewhere where no one trusts me,
and everyone accuses me of things i don't do.

please, oh yee faerie of apartments which are cheap, and of
bosses who reply to my application, i beg thee, a job and
an apartment, by this june if you could. please.