No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-04-16 02:10:50 (UTC)

nice to know

hey! well, today was interesting. I wore a skirt because
tricia did and because i wanted to see what people would
say. A lot of people said I looked nice, cute, pretty,
things like that. Some people laughed and others mocked me.
Kinda lets you know who your friends are that dont care
what you wear. Thank you to all the people who were nice to
me, I really do appreciate and I love all of you! :)
I still dont know whats wrong with Nick, I'm worried about
you! Please tell me!
Well, Chris asked me out tonight, and yes. We are together
My older sister is coming down this summer instead of me
going up there. Either works for me, I'm just a happy clam
to see her.
I found out our English stuff is due in 2 weeks, ick. I've
almost finished my report on Shakespeare Era. I got bored
and thats the only thing I didn't have to go somewhere to
get the stuff to do. Besides, it gave me another excuse to
be on line.
I'm going to let you go. Love you guys!