2002-04-16 02:00:57 (UTC)

it seems almost as if you re..

it seems almost as if you're running away from me. i'm not
for sure sure but still...
[you are the only one that reads this eh? :P unlike my
diaryland accuonts where there's at least 13 different
people per diary...its kinda scary...this one i get random
scary people sure...but its not the same]
i haven't seen you in a week for fucks seems like'll be a whole week tomorrow...
but i'm being forced off the internet.
and i'm going to post the emoballad i wrote for you in hear
if i have time....tomorrow's nelly furtado [if you do still
want to come i still have another ticket...i can make my
mom stay home...just think of it as time spent with
me...but if you don't want to]
you should just show up wednesday after school and rescue
me from my house...i'd appreciate that loads...well i'd
just like to see you
and don't doubt for a minute that i don't like
really should read my non-internet diary...its kinda
and i know i said i'd call. but i'm still not done my
homework. and i'm not allowed on the phone untill my
homeworks done...
*sigh* i hate family oh so much sometimes
*grins* that's it i'm making you a mixed tape...well
cd...bah..either way...

and i don't know what you say to jamie but she's convinced
your madly in love with me...[but she still thinks you love
tuna more]

its just that sometimes i feel like i mean nothgin to
you...and then sometimes i feel like i'm special and
loved...but there's always that other side

well i'm going to make a tuna sandwich because i'm
hungry...and while i''m making it and eating it i'm going
to listen to velocity girl...and put on my hoodie [because
it still smells like you]...and well...bah

**leave a comment thingn about how special i am please???
write me a poem...i don't just feels like its one
of those bah everyone hates me times...**