Meshed Up
2002-04-16 01:20:19 (UTC)

racial equality?

the weather here just never gets it right. it's cold.. but
it's rainy. i love cold days but i absolutely hate rainy

i can't stop thinking whether humans of different races are
truly equal... or are they just being 'tolerated'. the
white people have always seen themselves as superior to all
the other races. they don't admit it, but perhaps deep down
inside they feel that way. they want asians to adapt to
their culture...but why can't it be the other way around?
why can't the white people adapt to the asian culture?

as for asians, why do they look up to the western people so
much? are the westerners really that great, with their long
legs, blond hair and wide eyes?

and why do the westerners look down on the asians? because
they have slit eyes, shorter legs, and small noses? because
they're not like them?

in our media and communications lecture, we talked about
the singaporean media and how the government controlled
them. our lecturer disapproved of the way the singaporean
government controlled the media. and he also talked about
how asians are like this and like that...unlike westerners
who are like this and like that. and so on and so forth.
the way he spoke, the way he said things, made it seem like
he wanted to come across as a person who supported and
believed in the equality of the races. but then, how he
came across to me was that he was just being 'nice'... he
was tolerating this 'inferior' race called the asians after

germans look down on the jews and the turks. europeans look
down on the chinese. the chinese look down on the malays
and filipinos. the list goes on and on.

of course we must not also forget the ever famous racial
inequality of the blacks and the whites. why are there so
many blacks trying to come across as whites? trying to live
as whites? and are the blacks and whites truly equal now?
or are the whites just tolerating the blacks and vice

and america, the superpower of the world, who blew the
world away with its music, its movies, its medicine, its
software programs, and its wealth. why are they trying to
let the people of different countries become like them? why
is there globalization? what happened to culture? what
happened to diversity? what happened to ethnicity?

do the americans believe that they are the most superior in
everything? do they think that they are doing the non-
americans a favor by trying to educate them into becoming
something like them?

people describe the time we live in now as the age of
tolerance. but not the age of equality. will we not be
better off if we are all equal? truly equal? instead of us
hiding behind a false curtain of equality when in fact we
are just tolerating each other?

we are all guilty of this fault one way or another. because
deep in our hearts, we believe that we are good people. we
are learned people. and sometimes, being superior to others
makes us feel important. but are we really superior to

somebody said, 'the american government is bragging that
they liberated the afghan women from the shackle of their
veils (and their dress code), but the truth is, they don't
care. they will support a dictator or any son of a bitch as
long as that son of a bitch is their son of a bitch. so
many voices, but we cannot understand them.'

i do not wish to offend anybody with this entry. i am not
anti-american, i am not anti-european, i am not anti-asian,
nor am i anti-african or anti-aborigine. i am lost in this
what-you-see-is-what-you-don't-get world. i want to
understand. i want to understand. i want to understand.

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