Weird Chuck

Meeting Myself... For the First time.
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2002-04-15 23:52:28 (UTC)

Out with the OLD. In with the NEW.

I'm recently passed a crossroads in my life... I've let go
of some of the things that had once brought me joy but with
circumstances well within the control of the other were
ruined.. Wait, no, some of these circumstances were well within her
control, but she chose to act in a foolish, childish way. She chose
to do things to try and hurt me and when she succeeded, it was the
beginning of the end.

This other.. Once a very significant person.. Once someone I shared
everything in my life with. Now, nothing more. Never more. My father
always had this saying while I was growing up. 'Fool me once, shame
on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.' I've been fooled many times, but
it is at an end.

For many months I've been watching, listening closer to the
flow of my life.. and I found the faults, I'm working on
steadily improving them and myself. I will be totally
remaking my webpage, when it's ready I'll put the URL in a
message on here.. And.. I'm here now to reacquaint myself,
with myself.

Any who wish to see how this is done, please feel free to
read these entries... Voyeurs are always welcome, as long
as they forgive my horrid spelling errors. :)

Weird Chuck

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