Damsel in Distress

2002-04-15 23:35:50 (UTC)


dude, they are having a punk prom at gilman, but im not
sure about going. for one who would i take. for two what
would i wear. for three what are all these plans my friend
made, and what do i have to do? anyway, yeah...i am not a
prom-type of person. i guess she is. she is all glam and
shit. i just dont like wearing dresses and skirts or any of
that. anyway...whatever. i probably wont go.

im planning on moving out within the next month. i just
dont like it here. im thinking modesto or stockton. this
guy i like is going to move in with me...which is cool.
anyway, i just woke up, so im going to lay back down.
-damsel in distress