My Life to Live
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2002-04-15 22:35:24 (UTC)

well today was pretty..

well today was pretty interesting i totally screwed myself
over!! now i dont know what to do i like brandon but i
really dont think that i want a boyfriend right now and hes
gettin way to possive an stuff. he would do anything for
me and i dont like that i want to be independent, i mean it
was all good at first but now its just overwhelming and i
dont know what to do or how to act around him im scared
that if i do break up with him then i wont find anyone
else. i just talked to corey(who by the way is a major
hottie with a body) and he made me feel better and made me
think about a lot of stuff that has hapend that i dont want
in my life, especially drinkin and havin a hangover a
little bit of achool isnt all that great but thats better
than drinkin so much you have a hang over!!!!! and if
corey is readin this wich you probly arent, but thanx
anyways and i hope that you find SOMEONE for yourself!!
well i guess im gonna go cuz i have basket ball practice
and i gotta get ready!!