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2001-05-26 09:27:40 (UTC)

Dragon Matters

Keepers note: dragons are one of the few fairy folk who do
not wish to meddle in human affairs. Dragons may take on
human form from time to time, but for the most part dragons
remain secluded from the world, up top the highest
mountains, or below the murkiest swamps. More often then
not dragons remain in a "dematiralized" form, or rather
they bodies do not have solid characteristics. Dragons are
direct exstensions of the enviroments around them, and
often dragons will take on the personalities of the
landscapes they inhabit. They are the unoffical guardians
of the earth and other fairy folk, though today, most
dragons seek their own personal gain rather than following
their duties to server and protect the magical realm.
Dragons' life spans usually last around a milliemum....
will continue and spell check later

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