Will o' the Wisp

Talking Visions
2001-05-26 09:21:56 (UTC)

An introduction

Can you keep a secret?
Becuase the musings of a tale keeper are ones not to be
told to just anyone.
What is a tale keeper you ask?
Why a teller of stories, storer of happenings; a record
keeper of sorts who logs the lifes and times of the fairy
folk creatures.
I am am observer of the fairy folk employed by my people to
learn all that I can about these mysterious beings and
their activities. I am the legacy of a 14 genrations of
tale keepers, and the guardian of countless volumes of
knowledge about the subjects my family studies.
And seeing as it is the great age of information, I seek to
share my knowledge with out tale keepers out there who
would wish to know of the happenings of the fairy folk this
day in age.
The fairy folk are all around us, even today in an age of
reason an logic. They are beings that exsit in the realm of
magic and dwell among us humans unseen by those unwilling
to believe.
Just like us they have adapted to mordern times and the
world around them.
What follows is my collection of personal accounts of these
magical beings living in our modern age.
Keep you quite now with what I have shared. The fairy folk
like it best that we all say ignorant of their prescence
and if too many were to know of their prescence the very
balance of things might come undone.
So listen close if you will to my tales of modern day
dragons, faires, elves, knomes, and goblins.
Listen and learn of the fairy folk today.