Diary of Me...
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2002-04-15 21:48:06 (UTC)


Haven't been writing! Bad me! I'll hafta give you the re-
cap of my.. week or w/e. Hmm well lets see, last Monday I
can't remember, Tuesday SUCKED. I had major P.M.S that day
and I totally flipped out. In school my stupid spanish
teacher is makin us do some wicked stupid thing and i had
to study like.. ALL night. Plus I was waitin for SOMEONE to
call, and my sister was kinda getting on my nerves so I
flipped out on her while I was finally on the phone and I
cried.. then at like 9:30 my dad comes in and he's like "GO
TO BED" and I was like "No blah blah!" and we argued for a
little while (and i was still on the phone) then my dad
says "Fine! You don't want to get off the phone and go to
bed?!?!?!? Then HE'S (Joe) Is never coming here again and
you guys will NEVER see eachother AGAIN!!!!" So, of course
I start cryin my ass off STILL on the phone... thank god
Joe calmed me down. Then the rest of the week was okay... I
was SOOOO happy Friday after school cuz then we have
VACATIONNNNNN!!!!!!!! Woo!! Saturday I didn't do much
though.. and I was bummed out cuz like.. that was the 1st
DAY of vaca. Yesterday was cool! I went to Joe's dad's
house And I met his dad and his gma and her husband. It was
cooooool! Then later on we went back to Joe's house and Joe
kept TEASING me and I thought I was going to die! (We
couldn't do much becuz of *cough*mymonthlyfriend*cough* I
survived though! Go me! Hmmm what elssse.... OHH! On the
way to his dad's house, we stopped by the music place and
me and his little sister was playin all the instruments!!!!
IT WAS SOO FUN! LoL! We went in the back where the
keyboards were and I was playin the COOLEST one! It didn't
sound all piano-y.. BUT IT HAD COOL SOUNDS!!!!!!!!!! I
played Happy Birthday on it.. LoL.
Now TODAY!!!!!! I woke up at like 7:30 and just layed
there till my mom left then my gma called at 9 or w/e and
she's like "I'm picking you up around 10:30-11" So I hang
up and I'm runnin around the house for my clothes and my
mom calls and she's like "I called gma and told her to get
you..." and I like.. yell at her "I KNOW!!" then i finally
get in the shower and I didn't want to get out cuz it was
all nice and warm and stuff. Eventually I do get out and
I'm sittin there, dripping wet and I hear someone out side
beeping the horn. I NEVER got ready so fast, cuz i thot it
was my gma coming to get me. I run out.. and no one was
there and I was pissed. Plus I realized that b4 I went into
the shower, I had the TV on and wen i got out.. it was off.
So, I was a bit freaked out about that shit. ANYWAYS! She
came and got me and we went back to her house... joy. I
owed her some money so I helped around the house a lil bit.
But then she gives me $20... so I get to spend that
tomorrow!!! She made me a chicken sandwich for lunch, but
the bread was NASTY! I hate Rye Bread! Yuck.. but I forced
it down. Then gpa came home and he gave me some yummy
grapes. After I ate them me and gma went to K-Mart to buy a
bag thing for a present. Then we went to Country Whip (It's
a lil restaurant) and we got ice cream......MMMMMMM
soooooooo GOOOOOOOD! Blah blah blaaaahhhhh we had to pick
up my mom for 4... then my mom took me w/ her to the shoe
store and everything was buy 1-get one 1/2 off. But the
shoes there were UGLY (my mom of course bought a pair..)
So, I got tinted pink sunglasses. Now, I'm just sittin here
eating Chicken and Rice Soup, and some Portugese bread.
Waitin for ppl to come onnnnnn! I'll catchya Layta!