*~*My Diary*~*
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2002-04-15 21:41:19 (UTC)

april 15th

Its 4:13, and in about an hour i will be leaving for my
teen court thing. I'm really scared...i'm sucha wimp!!
neways...school sucks, they need to learn how to work a
fucking air conditioner. Fans just aren't enough. It would
still be hot if i wore my friggen swimsuit to school. At
least our school has A/C kuz southeast doesn't even have it
at all! haha that sucks for them. i've been goin kinda
crazy this week kuz i think i've gained weight. i haven't
weighed myself, but i can notice it. Its not that bad, but
i can tell. And i know i'm not fat and i don't wanna say
something like that to somebody and them be like "ohh ur
not fat" because i don't want attention like alotta girls
do. i know i'm not fat, but i just don't like to gain
weight its depressing. I think i'll start doing some situps
until i'm satisfied with the way i look. Guys joke around
and tell girls they are fat, well after a while they start
to believe it regardless of weather they are kidding or
not. Note 2 Self: Never believe anything a guy says. I hope
i'll be ungrouded this weekend because i need to get out of
the house. and do SOMETHING at least! I need some new
clothes too, my mom is taking me to get some new jeans
soon. Maybe she'll buy me some shorts while we are out. For
once i actually wish it would snow outside, its super hot!!

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