Lifeless Glitter
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2002-04-15 21:39:27 (UTC)


After forever of not writing, I'm back. Yes, I know you
missed me(if anyone even reads this thing).
~*~the now files~*~

pretty stylish clothes(mmhmm): black longsleeved gap shirt
under black walmart velcro shirt and long denim skirt...oh
yes and socks
accessories an stuff:glasses and 2 Runecharm necklaces
talking to: I was talking to Wes' friend Holden but he's
who's online?:Trav,Jer,Yoko,Aaron,that Laura girl,Holden
(wes' friend),monkeykiller dude,Jessica,some dude named
Stephen, one that ever talks to me.
drinking/eating: some cherry flavored waterish stuff

Today at school we had achievement tests. yay. Fun stuff...
Luckily, when they moved the desks they didnt move me too
far away from my friends so we could still pass letters and
even though meredith and ashleigh write notes.
Oh well.
I might stop writing in here...Brook is the only person who
reads these anyway.