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2002-04-15 21:28:15 (UTC)


Today the girls and I rollerbladed like 3 miles, AT LEAST 3 was sooo great! I dont really feel like I got
a great workout though so hopefully I'll have time to go
running tonight :) That would be nice, and maybe erin will
go too!!! I'm a workout-a-holic or something,
hmm...It was 78 degrees today, can you believe it, and
tomorrow its going to be even hotter!! i cant believe it,
maybe rachel and I will go swimming with connor
tonight...we'll see if his mom lets us taTOmorrow's going
to be even hotter, and I CANT WAIT!!! WOOO HOOO FOR
SUMMER!! Okay so spring, but you'd never know the
difference :) well I'm off to go lay in the sun!! love ya!