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2001-05-26 07:56:11 (UTC)

fake people drive me crazy.

what a waste of a night. why do i even bother....

ugh, i can't believe how much this nite sucked. and how
snobby christine's friends are. even when they try to talk
to me, it's so fake. i just wanted to leave so bad. i
mean, i thought it was going to be alright, but after the
first 10 minutes of them ignoring me... ugh. and then i
tried to make an effort, be the friendly one, right... go up
to the bar, order a drink with them... they even asked me
what i wanted. then they completely didn't even order it.
pussed. anyway... i should just go to bed. i'm upset and
totally wrecked christine's nite too. i should've known
better by now... oh well... i feel like i want to cry
myself to sleep, but that would be wussy. i really have
nothing to cry over, just a waste of a nite...