Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2002-04-15 20:21:50 (UTC)

You're biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own...

Wow, two entries in one day, I must really have a lot too
say. Well, not really, just ramblings mostly. I've come
to the conclusion that I work for a bargain basement
version or the Borg. This place isn't scary or
threatening, and no one here walks around in cool techno
outfits with hoses and hologram eyepieces; but, they do
suck life out of you, make you work with little or no
feedback, and stick you in individualized little cells
where you spend your entire sad little existance.

My boss constantly reminds me of Locutus when he goes "From
this time forward, you service us."

So, anyways... A few weeks ago, I loaned my friend out to
a good friend to borrow over the weekend so he could. I
have a car, which I prefer driving, so I really didn't miss
the truck being gone. But now, three weeks later, I'm like
where the fuck is my truck. I have this image of it being
driven down this dirt road in Mexico carrying thirty guys
in the back to wherever their going. Bastards. You try to
do something nice for someone, and they end up raping you
with razorblades.

This chick I always try to meet up with at the Church,
because she is totally cool, hasn't seen the Matrix.
What's worse is, get this, she doesn't want too. How can
anyone not WANT to see this movie. It's everything that is
badass in the world caught on film. The only thing it
doesn't have is Sam Jackson. I think the producers
realized if they would have put Sam "Bad Motherfucker"
Jakson in the Matrix, it would have been so fucking
awesome, people would die en masse in the theatre from pure
contentment. It was a safety thing.

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