I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-15 20:10:50 (UTC)

Still Sick

Draged my poor excuse for a self to class today, and my
teacher is so funny. He told me I was sick. I asked him
what his first clue was. He said he liked it when kids
were sick, they were pathetic, and when they were
pathetic, it made him laugh. I had to laugh too. It was
funny. I really need a massage. When I get a cold, such as
I have now, my shoulders take a lot of stress. I don't
know why. It's odd. Oh yes, and today I saw an old friend.
Random, I know. She looks good. Going into Botany. Odd,
never saw her as the plant type. *shrug* To each her own
though. My ears itch too. I'm sure I've said that before,
but they do. I feel like lukewarm crap on a cracker. lol!
Now that's an interesting image. Odd.

Sickly yours,