The Devious mind of devildolly
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2001-05-26 07:17:09 (UTC)

Will you marry me????

ok tonight i got to witness the purposal of marriage happen
to my room mate ginger. I have known her a little over 5
months i think. Well i know im not one to speak of whats
right for her and what isnt. My other room mate jesse is
the guy who asked her. I dont know if this is good for
them. They are very young and still have pleanty of years
to find "the one" they want to be with for the rest of
thier lives. Jesse is 20 and ginger is 18 and just going to
graduate high school. They have only been going out for
like 4 months or so. Jesse is known to jump into
relationships with both feet and end up breaking one of
them because he wasnt careful. In other words hes not very
careful and has gotten hurt many times. Although im happy
for him im very weary of this relationship. Ginger loves to
torement jesse ie. she'll take something he wants and she
wont give it back *very childish* and also wont eat normal
food for breakfast! she eats nothing but chocolate and if
she doesnt get something she wants she will pout till jesse
gives in. As i see it jesse is whipped. I know he "loves"
her but i dont think they are right for eachother. She is
very immature and Jesse is VERY mature and he cares for
people too much sometimes and ends up getting hurt in the
end. I wish them both the best but i dont feel like this is
a smart decision on thier parts. oh well.. i guess im just
being nosey. hell i dont have to marry her! but i do live
with her and she doesnt lift a finger around here. I have
asked and pushed Jesse to do something but oh well. Now im
just going off on a tangent!... lol...