2002-04-15 19:19:43 (UTC)


Yesterday we went (the whole family) to the house we are
about to purchase. I don't think my mom left the deposit,
but she was ready to do so. Well, anyway, it's wonderful.
Truly a splendid masterpiece. Except for a few things but
those are gonna get fixed.

Anyway I'm gonna finish later

It's later. So where was I... oh yes, the house is small just like
they said, and it has wide windows instead of long like I'm used to
it. But it is so clean and nice. The ceiling is much lower but that's
good. I never understood why some houses have ceilings 2 times the
size of a person. (Ours is like 1 and a half of a person.) The owners
are nice. I haven't seen they're cat, but the owners are real nice.
Their Polish, which is great so that now my parents can communicate
with them on their own. I don't wanna have anything to do with that
whole house rent thing until it's my own house or my own rent, along
with my roomies. They're real cool. They have this theory that if a
person lives in an apartment they should feel at home. Therefore, we
can have a cat, we can benefit from the yard, and the basement. They
even allowed us to use their washing machines since we don't have our
own. We are still gonna have to put quarters in, but atleast it's
right at home. So if (like last time,) I forget to put my laundry in
with everyone elses, no one has to go back to the laundry just with
my load since I wouldn't have what to wear otherwise.

We're gonna put our excercise machine which we never use in the
basement. They have the perfect set up for a mini bar there. I just
hope they don't create one out of it so that my dad doesn't visit his
evil friend alcohol. I don't like that guy.

There is another person living in the basement. Also Polish, as are
our new neighbors. (They rent too.) We met when we were checking out
the yard. I was just standing there while my parents were chating
with them, and my brothers twitching to them to hurry cause they were
to play basketball with some friends. I was looking around, and it
reminded me of Poland. The Poland I remembered. All of a sudden I
didn't wanna leave. I just wanted to move right in and start my life
anew already. I saw some kids on skates. A little later I saw some
teens with bookbags on bikes. I thought, yeay! Finally some people my
age. Maybe they'll be cool and I'll have some nearby friends. I'm out
of the habit of socializing though and I don't think I'll fit in.
Especially if they have lived there all their lives and like to be
among their own company. People grow into those kina relationships. I
think I did too. That's why I'm having a problem when everyone has

My bro's will pick up the key next week around tuesday or wednesday,
and we will start moving our stuff in after that. :0)) I couldn't be
happier. It's a nice neighborhood with a pretty wide street. There is
always a place to park. Unlike here. Can't wait. I'm so excited.

We are starting to get rid of alot of our stuff since it's such a
cozy place. We gotta get rid of some furnature. I cleaned out my
closet on Saturday. Sunday I cleaned out my drawers, and I think I'm
gonna do my desk either today or Wednesday. I don't really wanna
though. The weather is so nice and I wanna go to the beach. But I
don't have a bathing suit since I threw it out while cleaning the
drawers, and I don't have who to go with. Other then that my friend
called me yesterdy and said she wanted to hang tomorrow, which is now
today. I was to call her back but I called her house and I got the
machine. I was gonna call her cell but I didn't bother. I was gonna
finish with the drawers and then watch this Polish soap opera I'm
really into. My dad rents it every weekend and they are to return it
and hopefully get some more tapes today. I didn't wanna go anywhere
today anyway at first because I already been slacking off for two
days and I still have a lot of stuff I wanted to take care of before
spring break ends.

It's gotten real hot, my mom wants to call, and I don't know what
else to put in here so I'm just gonna go do something. Chow!


P.S. Saw THE ONE today. It kicks ass. I gotta get the sound track,
all my favorite songs of one kind are on there. Jet Li gives a great
performance and it's just real cool.