Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2002-04-15 17:33:39 (UTC)

If you want me Khan, you're gonna have to come down here...

Well, it's Monday, and so begins another glorious week of
week. Did you note the sarcasm, because I was laying it on
pretty thick.

There is one good things about today. Monday signals the
end of the big fucking pile of shit that was my weekend. I
spent most of it working on my computer reinstalling the
operating system and most of my software since that fucking
printer I boughted fucked everything up. Don't ever buy a
LexMark, I took mine back after it screwed everything on my
computer. When I wasn't working on that, I was actually at
the office working. On the fucking weekend. Why, I don't
know. They just tell me I need to be there because
someone's always behind.

Went the the Church last night, which was still pretty much
a waste since I can't get anywhere with this chick I really

And this morning starts off to a roller coaster ride. I
barely sit down at crap 'de cubicle before people start
coming to tell me about all the shit I have to do, and I
get call from people asking questions about projects.
Questions to which I have to earthly answer too.

And yet I just sit there and smile, as little beads of
sweat form on my forehead, because, with any luck, in sixty
or so years, I'll die, and this will all be over.

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